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Macknet and Associates provides custom, business and statistical database applications, as well as business analysis and project management for such solutions.  No matter how small your business, Macknet and Associates will work with you to assess your business needs and provide a solid plan to meet those needs.  Macknet and Associates is skilled in providing end-to-end custom applications to fulfill the requirements of your corporation.

David T. Macknet

Macknet And Associates:

David T. Macknet has completed a Bachelor of Arts, British and American Literature at Pacific Union College, a Master of Science in Information Systems at the University of San Francisco, a Master of Letters, Analytic Philosophy from the University of Glasgow, and a recently completed a PhD in Humanities Computing, also from the University of Glasgow. David is currently the sole developer for Macknet and Associates. In addition to providing development expertice, David provides project management consulting and technical education.

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